jk Transformation Laws of Coordinates and Composition of Velocities


 By introducing the usage of imaginary velocity, relative motion is redefined under the real-time examination of the universe. One of the author’s discoveries of inherent inconsistencies in relative motion highlights how, in two-dimensional motion, the transfer of an item’s actual size to the opposing velocity of the other object is justified. Because the magnitude transfer is imaginary rather than real, imaginary velocity offers accurate estimates for relative velocities (refer 1.2). As a result, the new transformation laws [1] are established and given the term “jk,” which stands for two constants and represents the variance from the Lorentz inverse law. Each frame in an isotropic universe has references for its position while it is stationary or moving in a localised area, where A frame that is at rest maintains its position in respect to its surroundings over time. To provide the idea that it is moving against gravity, the mechanism only enables the moving frame to see a reflection of its own motion in the resting frame. As a result, the relative motion is a combination of real and imaginary motions with the ability to change direction. enabling complicated velocity into the jk laws. The Maxwell equations, space-time intervals, and rotating frames all remain invariant under these principles, regardless of whether vector values are in cross product or dot product. Inherent scalar values, like mass, time, length, etc., however, have inverse change. Therefore, jk transformation is not a vector-dominated rule like Lorentz transformation. The quantization of red-shift and particle decay is justified by physical processes without reciprocity effects. Understanding the nuances of the micro universe, such as the asymmetry of Doppler’s changing pictures and short-lived particles, antimatter, subatomic particles, gamma rays, GRBs, and subatomic particles, is made easier by these concepts.

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Mohd Javed Khilji,
B-385, Indervihar Colony Airport Road Bhopal, 462030, India.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/NTPSR-V7/article/view/7789

Keywords: Transformation under complex velocities, cosmology, electrodynamics, space time, maxwell equations, cosmic rays, gamma rays, relative motion

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