Investigation on the Charges and Currents in the Quantum Field Theory

This paper deals with the determination of currents and charges in the Feynman-Dyson derivation of the Maxwell-Faraday equations in hypercomplex extensions. This paper is a continuation of the Maxwell-Faraday equations’ discussions on hypercomplex extensions of the derivation of Feynman-Dyson. Mathematical proofs typically have only a comparatively small validity since it is possible to present an equally valuable set of contra-arguments for any set of mathematical arguments; in physics, on the other hand, the ultimate verification of a proposition is its confirmation by experiment and the solution is unique. In non-abelian versions of that approach: SU(2), SU(3) and G2, we examine the appearance of charges and currents. G2 Lie algebra ‘s structure constants are directly computed. Lastly, we propose a seven-dimensional color therapy.

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Daniel Sepunaru
RCQCE – Research Center for Quantum Communication, Holon Academic Institute of Technology, 52 Golomb St., Holon 58102, Israel.

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