Investigating the Effect of Reinforcement Bridging on the Elastic Fracture Energy of Concrete

Structure failure can be investigated using either a strength criterion or a fracture mechanics criterion. Beyond crucial criteria like yield and ultimate strength, the strength criterion deals with material resistance. Toughness, which can be characterised as stress intensity factor (K) or fracture energy, is used to identify the critical condition in fracture mechanics (G). Based on linear elastic fracture mechanics – LEFM – this study investigates the critical point during loading up to the limit of elasticity. Nonlinearity, on the other hand, is typically caused by the presence of a relatively wide fracture process zone – FPZ – at the crack-tip. As a result, the use of LEFM in quasi-brittle materials like concrete is restricted to big buildings. The size effect law – SEL is a well-known method for calculating the fracture energy G f for infinite big structures. The specific energy, or energy per unit crack plane area, is specified as G f. This is a linear form of elastic energy. The goal of this research is to find an answer to one question: Does reinforcement work just during composite activity between reinforcement and concrete, or does it work before that? Using the RILEM Specification Test Method, a study was done using the work-of-fracture – WOR principles. Normal concrete three-point-bend beam specimens were exposed to monotonic load P until they failed. The genuine work takes precedence over the P–u relationship. By dividing the area under the P–u curve of the elastic range with ligament, the elastic fracture energy based on WOR, G (F-el)R, was discovered. G (F-el)R = 397.87 N/m for beam A1 (bending failure, l/h=5.5), and 133.6 N/m for beam B1 (shear failure, l/h=5.0). Beam B2 shear failure, l/h=5.0, 101.93 N/m; beam B3 shear failure, l/h=5.0, 153.75 N/m. G (F-el)R is higher than G f, indicating that reinforcement has a role in enhancing elastic fracture energy as well as plastic fracture energy.

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A. H. Patty
Civil Department, Widya Karya Catholic University, Jl. Bondowoso 2 – Malang, 65115, Indonesia.

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