Investigating the Distribution of Mass and Energy in Five General Cosmic Models

In the light of five general cosmic models that were constructed in a previous study, distributions of the universe horizon distance and volume were explored. Both distributions rise slowly until t 21.5444 Myr, when they begin to rise very quickly until t 60 Gyr. After that, they gradually increase again until t 124 Gyr. The five general cosmic models looked at the distributions of mass of radiation, matter, and dark energy within the horizon volume of the universe. Radiation and matter have equal masses until t = 34627.5 – 55916.2 yr, when the mass of radiation equals the mass of matter. The mass of matter then took over until it was equal to the mass of dark energy at t = 9.4525 – 10.0632 Gyr. The universe is now dominated by the mass of dark energy. In the remote future of the cosmos, cosmic space will be nearly empty of stuff.

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Dr. Fadel A. Bukhari

Department of Astronomy, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, KSA.

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