Investigating Spontaneous Emergence of Physical Structures and Observable Formations: Fluctuations, Waves, Turbulent Pulsations and So on

As is understood, a differential geometrical structure is made up of the closed inaccurate exterior form and the related closed dual form. A physical structure, namely a pseudostructure on which conservation laws are fulfilled, is represented by such a differential-geometrical structure. (A pseudostructure is defined by a closed dual form. And, as it is known, a closed external form defines a conservative quantity, since the closed form differential is equal to zero).

It has been shown that the equations of mathematical physics obtain closed, inaccurate external forms that characterise physical structures. This approach proceeds spontaneously under the realisation of any degree of liberty of the mentioned material medium. The emergence of physical structures is defined by such a method and this is followed by the presence of observed formations such as uctuations, waves, turbulent pulsations, etc.

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L. I. Petrova
Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University, Russia.

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