Interdependence between Oscillations of the Stratospheric Aerosol Layer Peaks and Different Types of Clouds


At Kolhapur, measurements of aerosols were performed using a newly designed Semiautomatic Twilight Photometer (1642N, 7414E). The system is a low-cost, ground-based passive remote sensing technique that is exceptionally sensitive. The study’s major goal is to determine the connection between Junge layer peak oscillations (altitude & Aerosol Number Density per cm3 (AND)) and different types of clouds. The association between stratospheric aerosol layer peak oscillations and various forms of clouds is investigated. The AND values for the Junge layer peaks were calculated on each observational day. In addition, the graph between AND at the Junge layer’s peak and day numbers was compared to clouds at the High, Medium, and Low levels. The altitude of the Jung layer peak changed year after year. An inverse phase relationship existed between the annual variation in the height of the Jung layer peak and the AND of the Junge layer peak.

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Pratibha B. Mane
Department of Environmental Science, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

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