Informal Care Regimes and Aging: The ‘Care Chain’ in Rural Greece


The continuous ageing of society has a significant influence on the demand for better care for the elderly and those with disabilities. The goal of this study is to get a better knowledge of the processes of informal service provision in rural Greece, as well as the facilitators and limits to such operations. The foundation of this paper is a field study done in two different Greek towns. The goal of this study is to explain the reality of dependent elderly and disabled persons in terms of demographic and residential features, as well as their informal caretakers and the availability of informal care. The article examines and contrasts differences in where people live as a factor in the development of a unique care and support system for the elderly and disabled. The essay looks at regional trends and how they affect citizens’ access to social services and the health-care market. The study contributes by bringing the specific elements of place of resident into the examination of informal welfare regimes.

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Aikaterini Ntaflou,
Local Government, Social Policy and Information and Communication Technologies, Athens, Greece and  Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens, Greece.

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