Influence of Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System on Transient Stability of Power Systems Using MATLAB CODE and Power World Simulator


 Using the Power World Simulator programme and the MATLAB-created transient stability code, or “TRANS STAB CODE,” this work aims to explore how FACTS influences the transient stability of power systems. In the work’s introduction, we tried to explain transient stability, including its definition, requirements, and equations. Next, we gave a comprehensive overview of FACTS modelling in power systems, including its definition as well as its many forms, schemes, and equations. Then, using the UPFC (Unified Power Flow Controller) concept, we gave an illustration. Second, we examined the “TRANS STAB CODE” MATLAB code by outlining its organisation using graphical windows. After then, I went into private detail about the simulation programme Power World Simulator. The test electrical network was then displayed, along with the Power World Simulator’s findings on this network’s transient stability and the code “TRANS STAB CODE” for both the presence and absence of flexible alternating current transmission networks. We evaluated the results of both programmes in both scenarios—with and without a flexible AC transmission system—as our final step in the research process.

Author(s) Details:

Aissa Souli,
Nuclear Research center of Birine Ain Oussera, Algeria.

Madani Makhlouf,
Nuclear Research center of Birine Ain Oussera, Algeria.

Abdelhafid Hellal,
Polytechnic National School of El Harrach Algiers, Algeria.

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Keywords: Transient Stability, FACTS, MATLAB, Power Wolrd Simulator

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