India’s Activities within Regional Cooperation Organizations: Existing Shortcomings and High Performance

The activities of international cooperation organisations in the Asian region and their involvement with India are discussed in this article. It also analyses the economically, politically, socially and strategically relevant membership of India in these organisations, as well as the degree to which the participation of India in these associations has the power to accomplish the goals and projects they have set. In addition, the existing shortcomings of India’s foreign policy in the region, their negative effect on the country’s external relations and, on the other hand, the high efficiency and foreseeable future of the country’s cooperation with regional organisations are also discussed. In writing the paper, problem-chronological, comparative and general scientific research approaches were used. The scientific innovation of the article is that it is possible to assess in which areas the country is situated by observing India ‘s involvement in regional cooperation organisations in the Asian region. Active and effective or, conversely, in which areas it is poor. The article consists of the overview, keywords, introduction, main part, conclusion and reference list.

Author(s) Details

Rano Tuychiyeva Almamatovna
Uzbek State World Languages University, Tashkent City, Uzbekistan.

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