Increased Imports and Brazilian Industrial Stagnation: The Role of Class C in this Process

The study that has led you here examines the factors that have aided the expansion of class C in the Brazilian industry’s freezing process, as well as increased imports. This emerging market, known as Class C, which includes some of the low-income segment, has distinct characteristics and needs, and as a result, it burdened in the short term the production of Brazilian companies, which felt compelled to opt for imported semi-manufactured and manufactured commodities in order to maintain market share and return on their investments. This fact is part of a worldwide economic transformation trend, but it is also related to the Brazilian government’s various irregular activities against the political necessity for short-term results. From quantitative and qualitative data, it was hoped to gain a better understanding of this consumer’s profile and make some recommendations for businesses to better meet this new need. It also wanted to know what steps a big cosmetics manufacturer had done to ensure that part of its products were suitable for the class C.

Author (S) Details

Edmir Kuazaqui
Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM), Brazil.

Teresinha Covas Lisboa
Universidade Paulista – UNIP, Brazil.View Book :-

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