Increase the Heating Capacity of Solar Water Heaters by Placing Paraffin in Copper Tubes under Two Conditions

In today’s world, energy is a necessity for daily tasks. Solar energy is used by Indonesians for a variety of purposes, including power, water heaters, and dryers. Solar collectors are devices that capture and transform solar energy into heat. When solar energy heats copper pipes and water runs through heat tubes, the temperature of the water rises. Adding paraffin (as a thermal storage substance) to a tube in a solar collector increased the heating capacity in this experiment. This experiment has resulted in the development of Two conditions were placed in the copper tube with paraffin. The effect of two conditions of inserting paraffin in copper tubes on the water-out temperature was explored in this experiment. They are known as Collector A and Collector B. The highest water temperature was 56°C in collector A, according to the results. It’s because the maximum solar radiation intensity, 1,289 W/m2, was also recorded (1:00 PM). Collector B, on the other hand, produces a water-out temperature of 52°C only at 1:00 PM. In comparison to the collector, the placement of paraffin in tubes with Collector A can raise the water-out temperature in the solar water heating system.

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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Syiah Kuala Jln Syech Abdurrauf No.7 Darussalam – Banda Aceh, 23111, Indonesia.

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