Improving the Performance of Human Body with Far Infra-Red Rays Reflecting Textiles: A Review


All life on earth is impacted by the sun’s natural electromagnetic radiation. It affects living things at every level, from microscopic organelles to the entire body, and has both positive and negative consequences. Textiles that reflect far-infrared radiation aid in preserving and enhancing the wearer’s efficiency. Fabrics that reflect heat energy in the far infrared range can be created using a variety of processes. These thermal radiation effects are provided by Employed are specialised FIR emitting heat lamps and clothing made of filaments (fibres) infused with FIR emitting nanoparticles. The current chapter discusses the fundamentals of far infrared radiations, the application of FIR to textiles, test procedures, the current state of far infrared reflecting textiles on the market worldwide, and potential future advancements in the sector.

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Mayur Basuk
Center of Excellence for Sportech, India

R. V. Adivarekar
Department of Fibres and Textile Processing Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India.

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Keywords –  Far infrared radiation, blackbody radiation, FIR test methods, global market, FIR emitting ceramics.

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