Implementation of Integrated Pilot Training Setup (IPTS)

Civil aviation is the most widely used means of transportation in the modern world, with millions of people travelling by plane every year. Civil aviation has grown in a massive process since the turn of the twentieth century to give humanity more efficient, effective, and safer modes of transportation. Despite the fact that aviation has evolved into the safest means of transportation, aviation-related accidents and crashes are more deadly and catastrophic than any other mode of transportation. When it comes to huge disasters that might result in the loss of hundreds of lives and property, it’s evident that pilot error plays a key role. The focus of this research was on pilot training for a specific aircraft and how to make pilots feel confident and skillful while flying it. As a result, this paper is written to present the IPTS technique, which has the ability to instruct pilots successfully and efficiently. Finally, the IPTS overall technique and information on each stage were supplied.

Author(S) Details

J. K. Rahul Jayawardana
Project and Research Instructor, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC, Training Centre, Welisara, Sri Lanka. and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, std), School of Engineering and Physics, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

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