Hybridizing Median and Average for Measuring,Electing and Ranking Candidates

In this contribution we show that neither mean-based voting systems nor median-based ones can

ful_ll requirements of an ideal democracy. We then work out an original voting function obtained

by hydrizing Borda Majority Count (mean-based) and Majority Judgment (median-based). The so-

called \Mean-Median Compromise Method” slices between mean and average values. It proposes,

moreover, a new tie-breaking method computing intermedian grades mean.


Author (s) Details


Ruffin-Benot M. Ngoie

Department of Mathematics, Institut Suprieur Pdagogique de Mbanza-Ngungu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Berthold Ulungu

Faculty of Mechanics, Institut Suprieur des Techniques Appliques, Democratic Republic of the Congo.


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