“hv -Energy Packet Floating in Front of the Wave Beam” Hybrid Structure of Photon and its Self-Interference in the Single Photon Double-Slits Experiment: A Recent Study


In the single photon double slits experiment, what mechanism is responsible for the interference? Does the photon have a unique structure that enables it to interfere with itself to produce the interference pattern, or is it caused by an external factor? We start our examination with an EM wave beam because, as Einstein argued, the photon is a quantum of electromagnetic radiation (an EM radiation). This paper’s objectives are to (1) investigate the potential structure of the photon, and (2) utilise the hybrid photon structure to explain the single photon double-slit experiment. We found that the wave beam is unmistakably polarised in a circular fashion and shielded by a side membrane. There are two charges present, and the circular tension is distributed double-helical over the side membrane in response to the demands of symmetry and quantization. Quantification of fees is necessary (or ). To maintain the integrity, form, and size of the quantized EM beam, mechanical equilibrium between the internal circular polarised EM field, tension, and helical distributed (or) field creates a stable structure. A cylindrical packet with a radius and length known as the “(energy) packet” contains all of its concentrated energy. We demonstrated that the photon is made up of an energy packet and an accompanying conical (EM) wave beam using Einstein’s theory of spontaneous emission; the energy packet floats in front of the wave. The same hybrid structure that creates photon self interference in the double slits experiment.

Author(s) Details:

Sennian Chen,
Department of Physics, (National) Hua Qiao University, Fujian, P. R., China.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/NFPSR-V1/article/view/8125

Keywords: Side_boundary_membrane, ϵ-(energy)_packet, ψ-(EM)_wave, hybrid_structure_of_photon

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