Histopathology of Nephrectomy Specimens in a Tertiary Care Hospital, India: A Review


This study was conducted retrospectively over a two-year period at the Department of Pathology at GMC Jammu to identify the Histopathological spectrum of illnesses detected in these collected nephrectomy tissues and compare it to other studies. A total of 70 nephrectomy specimens were obtained. Males made up 40 percent of the cases (57 percent), while females made up 30 percent (43 percent ). The cases ranged in age from three to seventy years. Patients between the ages of 41 and 50 had the highest percentage of patients. Non-neoplastic tumours were the most common (62 cases), followed by malignant tumours and benign tumours, with benign tumours being the least common. Chronic pyelonephritis was the most common inflammatory condition for which nephrectomy was performed (30 instances). Clear cell renal carcinoma was the most prevalent malignant tumour, with three incidences. Pain in the flanks was the most common clinical complaint. Non-neoplastic lesions outnumbered neoplastic lesions. Chronic pyelonephritis was the most prevalent histology diagnosis. Renal cell carcinoma was the most common type of malignant tumour.

Author(S) Details

Bharti Devi Thaker
Department of Pathology, GMC, Jammu, India.

Kailash Singh
Department of Surgery, GMC, Jammu, India.

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