Highlighting the Pragmatic Deviations in the Speech of Paranoid Schizophrenic Patients in Cameroon


This study tried to bring to the spotlight a few Pragmatic deviations in the discourse of a few Paranoid Schizophrenic patients in Cameroon. In this review, neurotic schizophrenia was to be analyzed according to an African viewpoint overall and according to a Cameroonian point of view specifically. Subsequently, the objective of the review was to archive the different sober minded mistakes that patients delivered in their genuine discourse and perspectives. The review was completed on 09 patients in the Jamot emergency clinic, arranged at the Mballa II area in the Center Region of Cameroon (Yaoundé). The medical clinic has a Psychiatric unit that gets patients from everywhere the country; it was the best spot to lead the review since it permitted us to work with patients from pretty much every locale of the country. Information was accumulated through meetings and dynamic observation.The quantitative and subjective strategies were utilized to dissect the information. This study showed that people with schizophrenia really experience qualities like mental substance and certifiable etymological or correspondence hardships. Regardless of the hardships these patients experience, with the right consideration and backing, they can be reintegrated into society and resume their typical lives. We suggest for the preparation and position of language specialists in clinics to team up with clinical staff. This will assist with language jumble finding.

Author(s) Details:

Fossung Noutock Gilbert,
Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, University of Buea, FOMIC Polytechnic Buea, Cameroon.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/CRLLE-V8/article/view/7930

Keywords: Pragmatic deviations, paranoid schizophrenia, environmental factors, societal factors, family history, medical strategies

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