Heat Transfer Augmentation using Twisted Tapes


The designers of heat exchangers using passive augmentation techniques may find the current review to be helpful as it discusses recent advancements with these approaches. Several research on passive heat transfer enhancement approaches have been published in the last ten years. Methods for enhancing passive heat transfer utilise energy from the system itself rather than direct external power input, which eventually results in an increase in fluid pressure drop. Twisted tape inserts are a key method for enhancing a heat exchanger’s ability to transport heat without degrading the system’s performance as a whole when using the passive methodology. Heat transfer enhancement in laminar flow and heat transfer enhancement in a turbulent flow are the two main topics covered in the review that follows.

Author(s) Details:

C. K. Pardhi,
Department of Mechanical Engineering, SISTec-R, Bhopal, India.

Prashant Baredar,
Department of Mechanical Engineering, MANIT Bhopal, India.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/RDST-V8/article/view/7401

Keywords: Heat transfer augmentation, passive methods, twisted tape inserts, Reynolds number, friction factor.

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