Health, Safety and Environment Management Practices in Oman: Evaluation & Recommendations

Regulations, policies, and procedures relating to health and safety are in place to prevent harm and other unpleasant events in the workplace and elsewhere. When people are presented with the subject of health and safety, they are often unclear of what it entails. They have, however, been unwittingly practising various components of it for the majority of their lives. According to research, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) have weaker and less efficient Health and Safety implementation due to a variety of variables, including a lack of resources. This can lead to not only more injuries, but also a cloud of Health and Safety violations, making it difficult to assess the degree of the damage. When looking at the growth of H&S in factory processes during the Industrial Revolution, the focus is not only on improved transparency and risk awareness, but also on assuring uniformity of H&S implementation throughout the workplace hierarchy. Because of Oman’s fiscal flexibility, SMEs are attracted to the country. Oman has a strong track record of complying to worldwide H&S standards while also establishing its own rules. Most notably, Ministerial Decree 286 of 2008. Organizational Health and Safety is an important tool for protecting employees’ physical and mental well-being by identifying and eliminating safety hazards, as well as establishing a safety culture and Health and Safety management practises like safety training, employee involvement, and employee communication. Understanding the features of SMEs that influence HSE implementation is crucial for working toward a more effective Health and Safety culture, implementation, and, as a result, working environment. When it comes to implementing H&S practises, SMEs have considerable obstacles in terms of costs, managerial commitment, and safety culture. The goal of this research is to determine which health and safety management practises are currently in use, as well as which practises Small and Medium Enterprises in Oman believe are not critical to their operational activities.

Author(S) Details

Hesham Magd.
Quality Assurance and Accreditation, and Faculty Head of Business and Economics, Modern College of Business and Science, Muscat, Oman.

Ahmed R. Nzomkunda
Transportation, Logistics and Safety Management Department, Faculty of Business and Economics, Modern College of Business and Science, Muscat, Oman.

Muthla Al Busaidi
Department of Management and Law, Faculty of Business and Economics, Modern College of Business and Science, Muscat, Oman.

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