Google’s Meet app will have a picture-in-picture feature.


Tech giant Google has announced that it is bringing picture-in-picture (PiP) support to its video conferencing app alongside pinning multiple videos feeds

Google has announced the addition of picture-in-picture (PiP) compatibility to its video conferencing app, as well as the ability to pin multiple video feeds.

Users can now see up to four video tiles in a meeting as they appear in a floating window, according to Android Central.

It’s quite straightforward to enable the new picture-in-picture feature. During a Google Meet call, users can right-click and choose “Open picture-in-picture” from the menu.

Without the need for additional extension support, the video call window appears right away.

The feature was previously revealed in March, but it appears to have taken a long time to materialise.

According to the study, Google Meet looks to be more readily accessible on Chrome by default, which is quite useful.

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