Glycoconjugates Study in Surface Secretions of a Fresh Water Edible Catfish, Clarias gariepinus in Response to Clove Oil Anaesthesia: Experimental Investigation

This histopathology and histochemistry study looks at the effects of clove oil anaesthesia on the gills, dendritic organs, and skin of Clarias gariepinus, a locally available fresh water edible catfish. Clove oil has long been known for its medical properties, and it was/is extensively used as an analgesic and antiseptic. Surface organs in C. gariepinus include the gills, dendritic organs, and skin, which are in direct contact with the surrounding water and hence give a larger surface area of absorption for any xenobiotics, including the clove, and were thus chosen for examination. Clove oil, obtained from the Syzygium aromaticum plant’s flower buds, leaves, and stems, has recently been introduced as an effective anaesthetic agent in the fishing industry for a variety of uses. C. gariepinus with a total length of 30 2 cm and a weight of 200 5 g was exposed to clove oil concentrations ranging from 0.07 ml/l to 0.3 ml/l (LOBA CHEM. PVT. LTD, MUMBAI, Minimum assay 85 percent). C. gariepinus displayed erratic swimming, bubbling, rubbing against the side and bottom walls of the glass aquarium, and protrusion of the head above the water surface during clove oil exposures. As their opercular motions cease and their balance is lost, fish, on the other hand, become static and horizontal. Clove oil anaesthesia alters the mucogenic characteristics of all surface organs, leading the surface to exude more Alcian Blue pH 2.5 positive mucus and slime. Wear and tear of the epithelial linings of the gills, destruction of vascular components, blood seeping on the surface of dendritic organs, and lifting of the gill epithelium are all adverse effects of clove oil anaesthesia in C. gariepinus.

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Ajai Kumar Singh
Post Graduate Department of Zoology, R. K. Talreja College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Ulhasnagar-3 (MS), India.

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