Generic Scheduling by an Optimization Model Demonstrated for a Partly Automated Production Line

Companies also use manufacturing processes that are specially built and change them from time to time. Such production systems, therefore have special technical limitations. In order to meet particular requirements with the least tardiness, they create small batches. This imposes high expectations on algorithms for high performance scheduling that can be easily adapted to changes in the production system. This paper proposes a common approach as a solution: solutions were obtained using a commonly used commercially available method for solving linear optimization models, which is available or can be linked to an Enterprise Resource Planning System (e.g. in the SAP system). This method is successfully used on a regular personal computer in a real-world application of a flow store with special limitations. The key assumption, therefore, is that the best solution could be optimal scheduling with a commercially available method.

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Dr. Frank Herrmann
OTH Regensburg, Innovation and Competence Centre for Production Logistics and Factory Planning, P.O.Box 120327, Regensburg 93025, Germany.

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