Fundamental Fields Included into Geometry in Sixteen Space-time Dimensions

An alternative to the Kaluza-Klein eld uni cation is provided in the components of the metric tensor in sixteen space-time dimensions, including bosons and fermions. We connect each fundamental interaction and matter eld (vector potential) with a 16-dimensional space-time manifold’s own metric tensor vector. For the fundamental interactions and the spinors, field equations involving Einstein, Maxwell and Yang-Mills equations occur. Field con nement is acquired by a suitable gauge option in the extra space dimensions within the measurable 4-dimensional space-time. The scalar gauge eld(s) which can be interpreted as a Higgs boson provides non-vanishing rest masses of the involved particles (s). A cosmological approach is also investigated leading to space-time about flatness. Dark matter and dark energy seem to be concealed in the elements of the extra dimensional eld and the cosmological constant. Also attempted are conjectures for quantization of the gravitational eld.

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Alberto Strumia
Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica \F. Severi” ( I.N.D.A.M.), Italy.

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