Functional Effects of Fermented Soybean Food in China

In East Asia, such as China, Japan, and South Korea, fermented soybean cuisine is a popular snack. In China, fermented soybean products are tasty and can be used for both seasoning and treatment. Long-term consumption can boost food intake, eliminate buildup, and break up stagnation. The functional roles of two key Chinese soybean fermented products, Shuidouchi and fermented soymilk, are summarised in this paper. Shuidouchi and Chinese fermented soymilk contain antioxidant, weight-loss, anti-inflammation, and cancer-prevention properties, according to many research, and are two good functional food classes. In China, the summary of this research will help to promote and enable a better knowledge of soy fermented foods and their functional purposes.

Author(s) Detalis

Dr. Xin Zhao

Chongqing University of Education, China.

Ms. Jing Zhang
Chongqing Chemical Industry Vocational College, China.

Dr. Xianrong Zhou
Chongqing University of Education, China.

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