Forging New Urban Policies for the 21st Century


As mankind enters what has been dubbed the Anthropocene Age and the Urban Age, we must be globally aware of how we may successfully establish a sustainable urbanity. While our various national political systems have taken a number of actions to combat global warming and other aspects of sustainability, these actions have clearly been insufficient, so the focus of this article is on what cities and their governments, which contain the vast majority of our planet’s population and economic products, can do to bring about enlightenment. To do this, planners will need to develop both environmental and economic sustainability models, as well as governance, quality of life, and urban planning models that promote both urban and environmental sustainability. The goal of this article is to uncover the interconnected solutions that our metropolitan regions can use to become truly sustainable cities. The creation of a new shared economy to replace global laissez-faire capitalism’s current dominance, the need to establish democratic urban governance globally, to prioritise quality of life over GDP growth, and the establishment of urban planning and design guidelines will pave the way for global sustainability of our common human heritage into our collective, global future.

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Glenn Robert Erikson
City University of New York (CUNY), USA.

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