Focusing on the Susceptibility to Desertification in Chicualacuala, Republic of Mozambique

Desertification is evaluated as destruction of land. In desertification assessment, a general issue is that land degradation is neither assessed explicitly, since land degradation is derived from the wider definition of environmental degradation, nor is it clearly measurable and tracked. A geo-environmental diagnosis was introduced in this paper to identify susceptibility to desertification in southern Mozambique (Chicualacuala) and to provide reactions to reverse land degradation. The environmental diagnostic method is a helpful approach to recognising the very processes and phenomena that belong to the broad definition of land degradation.

Author (s) Details

Inocêncio J. J. F. Pereira
Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique

Flávio Rodrigues do Nascimento
Federal of Ceará University, Brazil and Federal Fluminense University, Brazil.

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