Focusing on the Customer Relationship Management with Special Reference to Coca Cola: Brand Promotion Using SAP as a Medium for CRM

As a result of the emergence of the concept of 24-hour service, consumer psychology has changed. Customers want consistent service across all channels. The client/customer anticipates that the supplier will be easily accessible. Because of the fierce competition, businesses must keep a close eye on their customers’ needs and desires, which is why Customer Relationship Management is so vital. The “Think local, act global” approach of Coca-Cola necessitates the deployment of an IT system that accounts for all of the company’s global bottlers.

Coca-Cola recognised a need for information technology that extended beyond specific financial activities. Coca-Cola chose SAP, a cutting-edge technology, to manage their client connections in both B2C2B and B2C2C scenarios, because they needed an integrated business management system to manage the numerous elements of their global corporation.

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Megha Mathur
Institute of Marketing and Management, New Delhi, India.

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