Explaining the Possible Reasons of Rhythmic and Spоradic Changes in the Rate of Beta Decays

In a variety of experiments, intermittent count rate oscillations with an amplitude of up to tenths of a percent and brief bursts vastly exceeding the normal count rate are observed when detecting particles emitted in beta decays. At the same time, many studies did not detect any deviations greater than 0.01 percent from the ‘natural’ course of beta declines . The article reveals that the inconsistency of the experimental findings is attributed to multiple methods of measurement. The potential presence of cosmic slow neutrinos in the beta decay processes is believed, which makes it possible to describe not only frequent and irregular shifts in the beta decay rate in a comprehensive manner, but also a variety of other incomprehensible phenomena correlated with beta radioactivity. An estimation of the flux density of slow cosmic neutrinos is made on the basis of experiments conducted.

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Alexander G. Parkhomov
Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russia.

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