Experiments on a Crystalline Material Made from Oxidation of Vanadium Nitride via Foam Route

It presents an simple method for synthesising organic-inorganic solid foam in a complex structure. This method creates an inorganic-organic macroporous solid, a vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) and 1-hexadecylamine (C16H33NH2) composite, with the latter intercalated between the layers of oxide. The method of synthesis is based on the use as a structural guiding agent of neutral surfactant (1-hexadecylamine, C16H33NH2) and as a precursor of inorganic salt (vanadium nitride, VN). The foam containing C16H33NH2 was synthesised by the evolution of oxygen gas through a viscous VN gel spontaneously formed from hydrogen peroxide. The foam from the 0.5 g VN nanopowder precursor steadily expands, reaching about 0.3 litres 10 minutes after the addition of excess H2O2 and stirring. XRD, SEM , TEM, and FTIR observed the ultra-light, crystalline material created by foam processing.

Author(s) Details

Yong Cheol Hong
Plasma Technology Research Center, National Fusion Research Institute, Gunsan, 573-540, Republic of Korea.

Han Sup Uhm
Department of Bio-Electronic Physics, Kwangwoon University, Seoul, South Korea.

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