Experimenting the Influence of Growing Media on Growth and Yield of Marigold (Tagetes erecta (L.)) under Protected Environment

A field experiment was conducted at Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute,
Kumulur, Trichy to study the effect of different growing media (Experimental plot Soil, Soil + Sawdust
(2:1) and Soil + Coirpith (2:1)) with three level of irrigation (120% ETc, 100% ETc and 75% ETc) with
three replication on the yield and water use efficiency. Among the treatments Soil + Coirpith (2:1)
100% ETc (T8) was found superior to all other treatment combination in producing higher yield of
marigold flower. Maximum yield was recorded with treatment T8 which was 27% higher than the
treatment T2. Similarly highest water usage efficiency was recorded in T8 (948.65 kg.ha-1mm-1).
Therefore the study concluded that, the soil + coirpith (2:1) at 100% ETc would be best growing media
as well as optimal irrigation level for growing marigold crop under greenhouse without causing any
stress in irrigation and negative effects in plant growth parameters.

Author (s) Details

E. Sujitha
Institute of Agriculture, Kumulur, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.

K. Shnamugasundaram
Department of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, Kumulur, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, 621712, India.

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