Experimental Investigation of Characterization of Isotropic Magnetorheological Elastomers

The magnetorheological elastomer is a new form of smart material (MRE). Its dynamic mechanical performances can be controlled by controlling an applied magnetic field. MRE is commonly utilised in semi-active vibration absorbers as a stiffness – adjustable spring. For a perfect vibration control effect, MRE must have a low dynamic damping. This study shows how to make isotropic MREs at room temperature and pressure using a unique method. In the absence of a magnetic field, a variety of MR elastomer samples were created using Sylard’s184 silicone elastomer with un-annealed electrolytic iron power 500 mesh and 15-micron size. Their dynamic properties have been studied, including fractional change in resonance frequency and fractional change in. The effects of iron particles and the applied magnetic field were investigated. This study should also be relevant in the development and preparation of novel MR elastomers.
Author (s) Details

Dr. S. R. Kumbhar
Department of Automobile Engineering, Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Rajaramnagar, Maharashtra, India.

Prof. Dr. Subhasis Maji
School of Engineering & Technology (SOET), IGNOU, New Delhi- 110068, India.

Prof. Dr. Bimlesh Kumar
Government Polytechnic, Purnea, and Govt. Poly. Araria, Bihar, India.

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