Expanding the Frontiers of Learning in Educational Institutions: An Approach towards Challenges Faced by Leaders and Followers

The internet is the answer to broadening — perhaps, breaking – the frontiers of learning in educational institutions. With Web 2.0 tools, there is now a new method of learning and teaching. Simultaneously, individuals interested in integrating technology into the classroom learning experience encounter a variety of hurdles. Technology has always aided in the improvement of even the most basic tasks, such as the traditional learning process. Internet access, teacher education, teachers/lecturers modelling for students, new extra skills or literacies, and alternate paths in integrating technology with the classroom experience are all issues that need to be addressed. The collaborative or shared leadership style appears to be the most appropriate for those involved in ensuring smooth technology integration in the classroom.

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Azham, Md. Ali
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia.

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