Evolving Technology and Its Impact in the Online Lives of University Students

The lives of young people, widely known as digital natives worldwide, have been infiltrated and transformed by developing technological developments and changing digital environments. Today’s students have spent a large part of their lives surrounded by and using digital-age computers, video games, mobile phones, and similar resources. As such, relative to textbooks and lecture notes, they are more relaxed in the midst of their mobile phones, tablets and netbooks. This study delves further into students’ technological activities and intends to study the influence of evolving technology in the emerging online lives of the digital native university students at a University in Fiji. A survey study design using a scale of the Likert kind was introduced and the information was evaluated using SPSS and addressed using a thematic approach. Findings show that young native digital university students were born in the digital age and have grown up in their everyday lives to appreciate the power of digital communication at a massive pace. Results also have consequences for pedagogy and practise as conventional teaching methods can be approached by millennials with resistance and scepticism. This paper suggests that technical resources could be used to boost digital literacy and numeracy, leading to a thriving digital economy, because digital natives are technologically savvy.

Author(s) Details

Dr. Wahab Ali
Education Department, The University of Fiji, Fiji.

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