Evanescent Wave Fiber Optic Sensor for Detection of Fe+2 Using LED Source

Based on the evanescent wave fibre optic absorption approach, a cost-effective and sensitive chemical sensor for the detection of Fe+2 has been developed. In the sensing mechanism, a high-quality LED source is used. As the sensing arm, a multimode sensor grade plastic clad silica (PCS) fibre is used, with the centre cladding portion removed to interact with the surrounding region (Fe+2 ions). In this experiment, the unclad area of the PCS fibre is utilised as a sensing element. For the detection of Fe+2 in water, the sensor developed is very sensitive over a dynamic range of concentrations from 0.1ppm to 100ppm.

Author (S) Details

Vijay K. Kulkarni
Department of Physics, Angadi Institute of Technology and Management, Belagavi, (Karnataka), India.

Harish H. Bendigeri
Department of Physics, Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi (Karnataka), India.

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