Evaluating Equity Crowd Funding Platforms in Europe – A New Financial Phenomenon for Gen-Z Entrepreneurs

Today’s α is Tomorrow’s β and Future’s γ. The fresh winds and waves in the Science of Analytics,
Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual and Viral Technologies forcing the ‘Alternative
Investing’ into the 3-Phase. Equity Crowd Funding evolved as an ‘Alternative Investment-3.0’ (KPMG)
and emerged as a new financial phenomenon for raising capital from the crowd online (Forbes). GenZ Entrepreneurs are plugged in like no other Generations and targeting Start-Ups and Small
Businesses to focus on next wave of growth. The Equity CrowdFunding is set to be valued more than
$93 billion by 2025, is an indicative of its progress in recent years(World Bank).
In European Context, the positive and progressive tax regime and regulations, high volumes and
valorem, independency and transparency of European Taxonomy, the crystal and clear regulatory
and legislative system in Europe, indeed, a mooting point for the study. The EU capital seekers
(participants) and capital providers (crowd funders) differ according to the needs and preferences.
Hence, the ECF is on the high rise and rapidly evolving financial landscape that connects Start-Ups,
Stand-Ups and Small Business to flourish in EU. The present study is diagnostic, innovative, and exploratory and considers Top-12 Operative ECF Platforms in Europe. The prime objective of the study is to evaluate the financial as well as operational performance of ECF. The ‘Inductive Content Analysis, Cross Sectional Study, and One-Way ANOVA’ form the basis, in order to get insights and draw inferences. The analytics and dynamics of ECF are presented and recommended ‘Regulatory Sand-Box, Algorithm-Driven Mechanism and Market Orientation and Digital Compliance’ to attract and retain investors. In dictum, the future, progress and prosperity of ECF rely on the ignited interests, innovative ideas, and inspiring involvement of Gen-Z Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Investors, and Policy Makers in tot .

Author (s) Details

Dr. K. Bhanu Prakash
Professor &CFO, MN INFRA PVT., LTD., Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Mr. P. Siva Reddy
Assistant Professor, School of Management Studies, Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering (Autonomous), Mylavaram, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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