Eurasian Integration and Law: An Approach to Issues of Theory and Practice


The development of a new multi-vector policy, particularly in Eurasia, as well as the shift to multi-polarity and the escalating geopolitical competition as well as the rapid emergence of new regional regions globally provide unavoidable issues for the Eurasian countries. Since law regulates relationships on both a national and international level, it plays a crucial role in accomplishing these objectives.

The authors’ notion of the development of Eurasian integration and law was laid out in this monograph; it was built upon an analysis of doctrinal approaches to the theoretical and legal foundations, the genesis, and the evolution of the Eurasian legal system. the primary elements and traits of Eurasian law as a component of international law. Examining the regional integration organisations in Eurasia has surely generated a lot of attention (summits, forums, programmes and initiatives).

Author(s) Details:

R. A. Kurbanov,
Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia.

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Keywords: Eurasia, regional cooperation, integration, eurasian law, international law, regional integration organizations, regionalization

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