Enhancing the Elementary School’s Students’ Analytic Thinking and Decision-making Abilities through AI-assisted Program in the GM5 Game Playing Activities: Recent Development


The GM5 game is intended to assist children in overcoming computational thinking and decision-making difficulties. Through step-by-step examination, pupils’ thinking, calculating, and identifying solutions to avoid defeat by opponents can be deeply systemically designed in their minds. Selecting cards, analysing card combinations’ risk vectors, appraising opponents, planning allocations, and deceiving opponents are the five time-limited processes in this game. The game’s logic analysis, mathematical processes, and strategic/tactical moves form a sophisticated chain reaction. As a result, this game has the potential to increase the player’s analytical strategic thinking and decision-making skills dramatically. To reach more significant educational goals, however, a structured learning plan and support aids are required. As a result, this study creates an AI software to help students reflexively rethink and improve their game strategies, as well as a 5-E learning cycle enabling students to gain systemic game-playing abilities, experiences, and mindsets. This will be an excellent teaching strategy for teachers who wish to prepare kids to learn independently.

Author (s) Details

Wu Pei-Yu
Taipei Municipal Kuanfu Primary School, Taipei, Taiwan.

Chen Chien-Chi
Taipei Municipal Kuanfu Primary School, Taipei, Taiwan.

Lai Ah-Fur
University of Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan.

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