Emphasizing the Relevance of Nutrition and Dietetics in Health Management

The health of an individual cannot be properly maintained or managed without nutrients in food.
Food nutrients are essential components for living organisms to stay alive. In this chapter the
activities of the body systems are understood in the context of anatomy, physiology and pathology.
Varieties of food are combined in meal preparation to produce different diets either therapeutic
(to manage a particular health disorder) or normal (to maintain good health). To understand the
chemistry of food nutrients, how best to combine food nutrients in meal preparation to obtain
adequate diet needed to meet the body nutrient requirements, nutrition becomes relevant. Nutrition is
a branch of science that deals with the use of natural substances (food nutrients) in food to sustain

Author (s) Details

U. A. Agugo
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Imo state Polytechnic, Umuagwo-Ohaji, Nigeria.

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