Emphasizing the Innovation: A Study of the Definitions, Academic Models and Applicability to an Example of Social Housing in England

The topic of innovation has been thought about, invented, described, interpreted and understood in various ways throughout history. It is important to explore this topic in order to ask what innovation is? This chapter explores the theme of creativity and aims to provide a context and starting point to understand this theme. The segment begins with a brief history of innovation and how it has progressed over time. It then looks at a number of definitions that were put forward by innovation writers, scholars and thinkers. These definitions were obtained from the richness of literature written on the subject. The author constructs a composite concept of innovation from the definitions of innovation that have been discussed, and this is addressed in the chapter. Key components such as the creative process and academic creativity models are measured and analysed from this composite concept. The practical use of creativity is then investigated. practical operations of the SHPs within the research through a two processes, Firstly, a twodimensional typology of social innovation they had identified innovation being applied to new services and improvements to existing services. Secondly through a classification system. The chapter concludes by bringing together the earlier discussion regarding innovation and the findings from the two studies regarding the application of innovation to practical operations within organizations. The subject of innovation has been portrayed through multiple definitions and academic models as being a process which itself develops and can be applied within organizations. It can be identified with the creation of a new product or service or an improvement of an existing product or service. There is considerable scope for further research relating to innovation and its application to processes within organizations Via two methods, functional operations of the SHPs within the study , firstly, a two-dimensional typology of social innovation that they had identified was applied to new programmes and changes to existing programmes. Secondly, through a system of classification. The chapter ends by putting together the earlier debate on innovation and the results of the two studies concerning the application of innovation within organisations to functional operations. Via different concepts and academic models, the subject of innovation has been described as being a mechanism that evolves itself and can be implemented within organisations. The development of a new product or service or the enhancement of an existing product or service may be described. Further research relating to creativity and its application to processes within organisations has significant reach.

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Dr. S. P. Taylor
University of Cumbria, Carlisle, England.

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