Electrodynamic Coherence as a Physical Basis for Emergence of Perception, Semantics, and Adaptation in Living Systems

This work aims to supply a theoretical approach for a really consistent description of living development of matter, able to tackle two together reducible, microscopic issues (to a degree biochemistry and biophysical processes) and analogical aspects like memory, acclimatization, semantics, behaviour. Despite the advances earned in arrange and finding the role of ultimate of molecular elements in living matter, the “biochemical and molecular view”, popular in biology, cure, and genetics, is helpless to give account for critical topics as the faculty of living schemes to “feel”, to “perceive” what a likely stimulus indicates (means, indeed) for their endurance. Condensed matter physics too, if confined to a local, short-range, and perturbative approach, forsakes dramatically. This is also on account of the role usually assigned to water – indeed the main constituent of living matter – deemed for very long time to be merely synthetic (as “solvent” or a something which incites activity/product). Nonetheless, contemporary many evidences show how living matter can be right understood as a super-organized coherent water-located matrix, suggesting that the characterization of biography(electro)chemical and material processes undertaken at microscopic level in living matter, would let us unable to answer a question in this manner: what allows an protozoa, moreover outside any neurons, to “know” to catch closer to a mineral or escape away from a poison? I propose that to pursue specific a fundamental inquiry it’s inevitable an essentially comparative approach, that is: to consider the being at its educating as the outcome of a tangible history of relationships place symmetry-breakings, wantonness and coherence yield the rise of the living state of matter, conceivable only as a time-reliant open process, and not as a portraited “body”. The active tools to amplify such an approach may be fetched in far-form-equilibrium thermodynamics (TD), proportion-breakings and gauge-fields theory, learning of complexity, all the above inside the framework of an state-of-the-art Quantum Field Theory.Indeed, within a field-view of matter, and of water particularly, as it has been developed by a Quantum Electrodynamic (QED) writing of condensed matter, it’s attainable to give account for a tangible basis too specific an epistemologically elusive, though important, feature of living systems (that is: perception and meaning). The arising landscape admits some main meditations about adaptation, evolution, ecodynamics, and about various conceptions of complicatedness and “information” in living domain. Furthermore, some neuroscientific ideas like consciousness, qualia and their links to artificial intelligence maybe supplied accompanying due insights.

Author(s) Details:

Paolo Renati,
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Catania, Via Santa Sofia 64, 95123, Catania, Italy.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/CERB-V7/article/view/10517

Keywords: Water, nested coherences, phase, dynamic order, cycles, fractals, perception, meaning

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