Effect of Different Dilutions of Milt in Physiological 0.9% NaCl on Fertilization Rate, and Hatching Rate of the Lukas Fish, Puntius bramoides (Valenciennes, 1842)

Puntius bramoides, the Lukas fish, is a local fish with a high economic importance. The goal of this study was to see how different milt dilutions in 0.9 percent NaCl affected fertilisation and hatching rates. After injecting fish with a GnRH analogue, milt and eggs were collected by stripping. The milt-to-diluents ratio was 1:9. There were four groups in the experiment: A (normal/control, no dilution), B (10 times dilution), C (100 times dilution), and D (100 times dilution) (1000 times dilution). Eggs were manually fertilised, and the percentage of fertility and hatching rate were calculated. Based on the ANOVA test, 1000 times dilutions tend to have the highest percentage of fertility and hatching rate (78.92 1.81) percent and (72.33 4.56) percent, respectively.

Author(S) Details

Abinawanto .
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia.

P. Pratiwi
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia.

S. Yimastria
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia.

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