Effect of Asian Black Scorpion Heterometrus fastigiousus Couzijn Envenomation in Albino Mice

In the present study, effect of Heterometrus fastigiousus Couzijn (Family: Scorpionidae) venom on

alkaline phosphatase (ALP), acid phosphatase (ACP), lactic dehydrogenase (LDH) and glutamatepyruvate

transaminase (GPT) enzyme activity, and red blood cells (RBCs) count, white blood cells

(WBCs) count, blood hemoglobin, mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH), packed cell volume (PCV)

and plasma hemoglobin in experimentally envenomed albino mice was studied. Venom was obtained

by electrical stimulation and its toxicity was determined in albino mice by subcutaneous

envenomation. The LD50 was 18.6 mg kg-1 body weight of mice. H. fastigiousus venom caused

significant increase in ALP, ACP, LDH and GPT activity in liver tissue of albino mice. This venom

reduced RBC count and increased WBC count, blood hemoglobin, MCH, PCV and plasma

hemoglobin. Findings of this study will help to understand the mechanism of Asian black scorpion,

  1. fastigiousus venom toxicity.


Author (s) Details

Mukesh Kumar Chaubey

Department of Zoology, National Post Graduate College, Barhalganj, Gorakhpur – 273402, Uttar Pradesh, India.


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