Economic Studies and Its Activities in Islamic Religion Point of View

Economic activities, according to Islam, are life’s recommendations and demands that include a religious component. There is no difference between the Islamic economic system and other economic systems when only the purpose is considered. This is because all economic systems, including the Islamic economic system, strive to achieve the same goal: to meet varied human needs, both personally and collectively. This monetary gain, according to Islamic economics, is only a conduit for a greater purpose and higher ideal, namely the prosperity of the planet, which prepares it for human life. In general, Islamic economics aspires to benefit the earth and raise human life standards that are decent, just, and balanced between self-interest and others, material and spiritual, and rights and obligations. Apart from the aforementioned goals, Islamic economics attempts to reduce poverty through the use of zakat, infaq, alms, grants, and waqf, as well as productive management.

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Dr.  Syihabudin
Department of Economy, Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Serang, Indonesia.

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