Economic Performance of Micro Financing Institution: An Analysis

An effort was made to analyse the economic performance of the country’s microfinance institutions over a period of time. The analysis showed that the opening of branches of micro-financing institutions in which the rate of change was approximately 8 per cent per annum is gradually changing. The growth rate per year for clients was found to be 23 per cent, which was more pronounced for clients in the small micro-financing community. Jobs in micro-financing organisations has shown positive improvements and has grown at an annual rate of 17 per cent. The microfinance institution’s gross loan portfolio expanded at an annual rate of 75%, where the growth rate of small microfinance GLP was higher compared to medium and large classes of MFIs. The unpaid loan per client rose at 24% per annum, which was lower than the disbursement growth rate. It was also noted that in the service of micro-finance institutions, the southern area of the country was ahead. However, strong progress has also been made in setting up micro-financing institutions in the eastern region, the western region and the central region of the country. The north and north-east regions are lagging behind, which need special attention for the establishment of a microfinance institution. Overall, major improvements in the economic efficiency of the country’s micro-financing institutions have occurred.

Author(s) Details

Dr. Jai Prakash
Department of Agricultural Economics, TMAC, BAU, Godda, Jharkhand, India.

Dr. R. P. Singh
Department of Agricultural Economics, RAC, BAU, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.

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