Eco Aspects in Revitalisation Tenement Housing Quarters in Szczecin (PL)

This stage is trying to answers on question: how the tenable development influence on crafty of revitalization process, especially for ghetto quarters in downtowns of the centers?.Residential quarters from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries wait an important part of existent urban tissue, specifically in large places, in Poland as in other European countries. Tenement housing was built for the middle and lower social classes. The faсade tenement houses had big, comfortable flats, inasmuch as the annexes had small, substandard flats accompanying no amenities. Living environments and the living environment must be improved rapidly, particularly for flats situated within quarters. The suggestion to demolish complete inside quarters and replace bureaucracy with green and relating to sports areas is a mistake. The sustainable growth paradigm has changed people’s perceptions of nineteenth-of one hundred years quarters and in what way or manner to improve them. According to tenable development hypothesis, social, economic, and tangible issues are all intertwined. They all make an impression the architecture, and thus on the geographical and technical plans that are used. Ecological aspects of the revitalisation process have a important impact on two together large-scale planning answers and small-scale structural, technical, and material solutions secondhand in specific houses or flats. The most important ecological facets for architectural design and revival are energy-related, material-accompanying, and space-accompanying, or better time-space-related, place the entire biological clock is examined.The presented everything of the author and exceptionally the fallowing implementation of an ecological remodeling of a Turzyn Quarter in Szczecin are the showcase of the material and non-material benefits for crowd and environment, which are influenced by such an approach to revitalisation.

Author(s) Details:

Marek A. Woloszyn,
Faculty of Architecture, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Ul. Zolnierska 50, 71-210 Szczecin, Poland.

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Keywords: Eco – revitalization, sustainable architecture, energy efficient architecture of tenement housing quarters

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