Driving Innovation, Achieving Social Impact in Higher Education: Case Studies of Tohoku University and the Open University of Hong Kong

This paper aims to shed light on a heavily under-researched multidisciplinary area: innovation and education, based on lessons from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This paper will explore the problem through cultural history, education policy and related social structures along with “traditional customs” with an emphasis on Tohoku University in Japan and the Open University of Hong Kong. In addition, this paper seeks to redefine the meaning of creativity in today’s teaching in higher education, to serve as a guide for future agents of change as they explore ways and means of creating better learning environments at universities and institutions, to enhance education The desire and awareness of circles in using such a new platform and social force. Finally, the social effect on the implementation of creative teaching in the higher education profession is analysed and contrasted. In addition to literature research , this paper will carry out field studies and interviews in Hong Kong and Japan, as well as field observations at the University of Tohoku. Based on the experience of MIT, Tohoku University and the Open University of Hong Kong in this report, it provided a very good start to show how educational creativity encourages students to think, build and leave an impression on the commercial industry by creating a quality product, and this paper is believed to be just a start for real revolution and evolution.

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Carol Poon Man Wai
The Open University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

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