Does Gravitation have an Influence on Electromagnetism?: A Critical Study!

For many years physicists have been engaged on research around the globe in fields such as an explanation for dark matter and dark energy, or the unification of gravitation and electromagnetism, etc., but so far to little avail. One is left with the impression that something might be fundamentally wrong with the premises underlying the doctrine of physics applicable today, which is preventing a solution of these problems from being found. As a possible cause, the author proposes that the gravitation of the photons is not so negligible that it can be completely ignored (although this assumption does not accord with the current state of physics). Although photons can be extremely energetic and each form of energy is inseparably associated with gravitation, it is nevertheless postulated in the Theory of Special Relativity, that the assumed static (baryonic) gravitation of the dynamic photons is vanishingly negligible in comparison with the strong electromagnetic power of photons. For this reason, the assumed static gravitation of photons is completely ignored in that theory, thus as it does not exist.  Departing therefore from the accepted doctrine, he assumes that gravitation might possess a hitherto unknown but important influence on electromagnetism. This paper examines the consequences of this assumption on physics. A precise analysis will lead to the insight that the gravitation of a photon is as dynamic as the photon itself, and therefore must be taken into account with the associated physical considerations. Another Type of gravitation than a static one, e.g. a dynamic gravitation, which oscillates within each photon with the same frequency as the photon itself, was never a subject of discussion. According to the actual doctrine of physics only static gravitation does exist. Of key importance is the statement that the dynamic gravitation of photons is produced by gravitational quanta, and thus appears in quantised form. Consequently there must exist exactly the same number of gravitational quanta as there are of photons themselves. It is therefore necessary to rethink the physics of photons.

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Guido Zbiral
Independent Private Scientist, Retiree, Klosterneuburg, Austria.

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