Do Technological Service Encounters Assist or Perplex the User? Exploring the ‘Information Richness’ of Web-based Self-Service Technologies

Rather than relying solely on face-to-face contacts, service organisations now use Self-Service Technologies to provide their services remotely (SSTs). This trend is a natural result of technological advancement, and it will eventually become the norm for many future service transactions. Customers can currently choose between using SSTs or visiting a physical location for service, but humanoid robots are expected to someday replace customer service representatives. As a result, service businesses must prepare their customers for such a future. Customers usually use self-service technologies when the company’s service professionals are unavailable. To ensure that SSTs run efficiently and successfully, they should provide suitable guidelines and instructions. Customers would be irritated if SSTs did not have the information they needed to complete their transactions. As a result, the type of the data is important to the success of online self-service transactions. From the standpoint of customers, this study tries to comprehend the information richness in online-based self-service technologies. Semi-structured interviews with 25 SST users were conducted using a qualitative technique. ‘Relevance, timeliness, correctness, clarity, consistency, sufficiency, and simplicity,’ according to the study, are seven essential elements that determine the information richness of online-based SST platforms. The study raises awareness of the importance of information richness in the acceptability of online-based self-service technologies while also giving service providers practical advice on how to develop SSTs with rich information to support consumers’ successful service performance.

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Badra Sandamali Galdolage

Department of Marketing Management, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka.

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