Discussion on Some Considerations about Training and Education of Young Scientists. Is the Concept of “Teacher” Obsolete?

Some questions regarding the renewal of trained science researchers are on the rise at present. A brief overview of the reasons contributing to poor readiness in secondary schools and a lack of motivation in high schools is discussed in the current considerations. The example of Scientific Student Societies is given as one of the ways that in some countries ( mainly Russia) have been and are probably still successful. Other ideas are pointed out to try to improve the scientific mind and the interest of high school youth in science. As a scientific worker, the role of the teacher as a model or guide and helper in the education of young people is not to be underestimated and can be in line with contemporary technological progress in pedagogy.

Author(s) Details

V. Coulic
Laboratory of Translational Research, ULB, Brussels, Belgium.

J. Kempeneers
Retired Upper secondary School Language Teacher, Waterloo, Belgium.

Y. Messe
Retired Upper secondary School Language Teacher, Charleroi, Belgium.

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