Discussion on Formula of Thermogradient Effect

This current paper attempts for formulation of empiric formula, which establishes relations between
major matrix parameters of ceramic materials and composites and the coefficient of resistance to
material thermogradient. It has been proved that work-pieces reveal maximum thermal resistance and
preservation of exploitation properties, when total closed porosity is within 2% – 8%, and pore sizes
vary within 1 – 6 mcm. Besides, they are more or less of spherical form and are spread equally in the
matrix. Thermo-gradient effect formula was defined for complex form work-pieces, when surfaces in
the pieces are transacted several times by angles of various curvature radii.

Author (s) Details

Zviad Kovziridze
Georgian Technical University, Institute of Bionanoceramics and Nanocomposites Technology, Tbilisi, Georgia.

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